We Believe Only Women Can Save the World

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Healthy, empowered women are the key to end poverty and to a sustainable future for all. Education is key to women's empowerment. But education is not universally available and gender inequalities persist. As a matter of fact, 500 million rural women can't read or write.

This is why we created Audiopedia. Audiopedia is a free resource of localized expert audio contents about health, nutrition, child care, family planning, agriculture and much more. Audiopedia is freely accessible in many ways: through our Audiopedia Cloud, on our Audiopedia Web App, using the solar-powered Audiopedia player or by creating a local Wifi service with our Qwifi technology.

But Audiopedia is even more: it’s a crowdimpact project and a movement. Thousands of volunteers support us by sharing on social media, translating, fundraising and much more.

Audiopedia empowers women, you empower Audiopedia. We are counting on you.

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Audiopedia Web App