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Literacy is a fundamental human right, yet nearly 500 million women can neither read nor write. Women and girls in developing countries face greater gender inequalities due to a lack of basic education. This disparity feels big because it is. The implications of a woman’s inability to learn are significant and far-reaching. With technology, we can change this.

Audiopedia is an innovative global initiative whose core objective is to unlock the potential of women and girls around the world. By making audio learning free and accessible to nonreaders in developing countries, we can quickly and effectively close the gender knowledge gap.

There are many ways to join our open-source audible education movement, and your level of participation as an Audiopedia Ally is entirely up to you. Empower women and girls today, and see how our world improves tomorrow.

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  • Help us reach 100.000 Actions for Change!

    For every online activity as a supporter of the Audiopedia Movement, you are creating an Action for Change. With every single Action of Change you will help to raise awareness for vulnerable women and facilitate their empowerment.

    You create Actions for Change by joining us, inviting friends, sharing on social media, signing the petition and much more.

    So far an incredible 27021 Actions for Change Actions for Change have been earned by our 8435 supporters.


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    +51 Actions for Change

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