How can I better talk to my parents

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Talking with your mother or father can be hard sometimes. Your parents may want you to live by tradition, but you feel that times are changing. You may feel that your parents do not listen or try to understand you. Or you may be afraid they will get angry.

Your family can love you without agreeing with everything you say. They may get angry because they care — not because they do not like you. Try to talk with them respectfully and help them to understand you better.

Ideas for better communication

  • Choose a good time to talk, when your parents are not busy, tired, or worried about something else.
  • Share your concerns, worries and goals with them. Ask what they would do in your situation.
  • Give them something to read or show them a picture to get them started talking. You can read a part of this book together if it is related to your problem.
  • If you get angry, try not to shout. You can make your parents angry and they may think you do not respect them.
  • If you have tried these things and you still cannot talk to your parents, find another older person you can talk to. It could be a teacher, the mother of a friend, an aunt, an older sister, grandmother, someone in your place of worship, or a health worker.
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