How can I care for myself during my monthly bleeding

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Many women prefer to make pads of folded cloth or wads of cotton to catch the blood as it leaves the vagina. They stay in place with a belt, pin, or underwear. The pads should be changed several times each day, and washed well with soap and water if they are to be used again.

Some women put something inside the vagina that they buy or make from cotton, cloth, or a sponge. These are called tampons. If you use tampons, be sure to change them at least twice each day. Leaving one in longer may cause a serious infection.

Wash your outside genitals with water each day to remove any blood that is left. Use a mild soap if you can. It is healthy to bathe during your monthly bleeding.

You can continue all your regular activities. Exercise can make the pain that some women have with monthly bleeding feel better.

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