How can I deal with conflicts about treatment and education of daughters

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The following are some thoughts you may be able to use to convince your husband to allow your daughters access to a good education:

It is only the positive thinking and action of parents with regards to treating and appreciating all their children in the same way, no matter whether they are boys or girls, which can, and must, change the whole society. A female child should be given access and opportunities in every field equivalent to a male child because girls are as valuable as boys.

Girls are not less capable than boys in any field. On the contrary, in school and at university, girls usually outperform boys. If proof is needed just refer to any recent set of examination results.

People want educated daughters-in-law but are often reluctant to educate their own daughters. This is neither fair nor realistic.

There is a well-known saying: “If you educate your daughter, you educate two families.“ It is very pertinent to the discussion because, by educating a son you only educate one person whereas by educating a daughter you are not only educating her but also, potentially, a future new family.

Education is closely linked to employment. Poor education means low status and low paid employment. Education is therefore potentially the most effective action a parent can take towards improving a daughter‘s status and making her financially independent.

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