How can I get away from rape danger

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  • Avoid going somewhere alone with a person who makes you feel uncomfortable or who you do not know well.
  • Always have a way to get home if you decide you need to leave. It is better not to go somewhere if you will not be able to get back without the person’s help.
  • Tell the person that his comments or touch make you uncomfortable. If he does not change the way he is acting you should get away from him as soon as possible.

If he has power over you (for example if he is your boss, your doctor, a teacher, or an official):

  • The first time he does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell him to stop. If he is trying to take advantage of his power, he will look for someone who is easy to frighten. Let him know that you are not frightened. He is less likely to treat you badly (for example to fire you, refuse you medical care, or deny your request) if you can get him to stop bothering you before he has done anything that makes him look foolish.
  • Talk to other women about him. You are probably not the only one he has bothered. If you must continue to deal with him, try to bring a friend with you so you are never alone with him. Warn other women to be careful. Be aware that if a man cannot gain control over a woman through sexual violence, he may try to gain control over her in other ways.

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