How can I have a good future

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Try to plan your future.

The first thing you can do to plan for your future is to set goals. A goal is something you would like to happen.

For most girls this is not easy. Many feel their lives are controlled by their families or the traditions of their communities. But you can start to help yourself by knowing what you want.

Next, try to talk to a woman or man who works at something you would like to do. It could be someone you admire, or a leader in your community. Ask if you can spend time with that person to learn more about their work.

Sometimes girls feel frustrated because their dreams and hopes for their future may conflict with the beliefs in their community and family about what a woman should do. It is important to explain your dreams and hopes carefully to adults and to listen to their concerns also.

Find someone to talk to who you think will listen and understand—a friend, a sister, or another female relative. Talk about your fears and problems. Together, you can talk about strong women in your community, your goals, and dreams for the future.

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