How can I prevent mental health problems by strengthening my personal coping skills

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Women do not often take time out of their busy day to do something for themselves. But every woman needs to put her problems aside sometimes and do what she likes. Simple things that you may not do very often—like spending time alone, or shopping, gardening, or cooking with a friend—can all be helpful.

Activities to let your feelings out: If you are angry, do some hard physical work. Making up poems, songs, and stories can be helpful when you have trouble saying things to others. Or you can draw your feelings without using words—you do not have to be an artist.

Creating pleasing surroundings: Try to fix your living space so that it feels right to you. No matter how small it is, you will feel more order and control when it is arranged the way you like. Try to have as much light and fresh air as possible. Try to have some beauty around you. This could mean putting some flowers in the room, playing music, or going where there is a nice view.

Practice traditions that build inner strength: Many communities have practices that help calm the body and mind, as well as build inner strength. For example: yoga, prayer, meditation or T'ai Chi. Practicing these traditions regularly can help a person cope better with stress and other difficulties in her life.

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