How can I prevent pressured or forced sex

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If he wants to have sex and you do not, you can tell him you are flattered by his desire for you but that you are not ready. If you are afraid of being alone with the person, bring someone with you, or ask someone else to talk with him.

Say "NO" loudly if you are pushed to have sex. Keep saying "NO" if you have to. Also say no with your body. If you say "NO," but give in with your body, he will think that you really mean "yes."

Move away if you are touched in any way that you do not like. Your feelings are warning you that something worse may happen. Make a lot of noise and be ready to run if you have to.

Do not drink alcohol or take drugs. Alcohol and drugs make you less able to use your judgment and control what happens to you.

Go out in groups. In many places, young couples court or date in groups. You can still get to know a boy, but you are less likely to be pushed into having sex because you will not be alone.

Go only to safe places where others can see you.

Plan ahead. Decide how much touching will be too much for you. Do not get caught by your feelings and let things happen to you.

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