How can I prevent the spread of germs in food

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  • Wash your hands with soap and water before preparing food, before eating, and before feeding your children. Washing your hands prevents the spread of disease. Keep a special clean rag for drying your hands. Wash it often and dry it in the sun. Or dry your hands in the air by shaking the water off.
  • Wash or peel all fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw.
  • Do not let raw meat, poultry, or fish touch other food that is eaten raw. Always wash your hands, knife, and cutting board after cutting these meats.
  • Avoid coughing, spitting, and chewing things like gum or betel near food so your saliva does not get in the food.
  • Do not allow animals to lick dishes or utensils clean. If possible, keep animals out of the kitchen.
  • Throw food out when it spoils.
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