How can I protect my teeth

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Taking good care of the teeth is important because:

  • strong, healthy teeth are needed to chew and digest food well.
  • painful cavities (holes in the teeth caused by decay) and sore gums can be prevented by good tooth care.
  • decayed or rotten teeth caused by lack of cleanliness can lead to serious infections that may affect other parts of the body.
  • people who do not care for their teeth are more likely to lose them when they get old.

Teeth should be cleaned carefully twice a day. This removes the germs that cause decay and tooth loss. Clean the surface of all front and back teeth, then clean between the teeth and under the gums. Use a soft brush, tooth stick, or finger wrapped with a piece of rough cloth. Toothpaste is good but not necessary. Salt, baking soda, or even plain, clean water will also work.

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