How can I protect myself from injuries if I have loss of feeling (Tamil)

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Remember that reduced or lost feeling is a danger because you may not notice when you hurt yourself. When you work with your hands, or cook meals, take special care. Never pick up a pan or other object that may be hot without first protecting your hand with a thick glove or folded cloth. If possible, avoid work that involves handling sharp or hot objects. If you have difficulty in holding tools or utensils, because your fingers are weak or deformed, use tools with smooth, wide handles, or wrap cloth around handles.

Avoid going barefoot and wear shoes or sandals. The best footwear has a well-fitted upper part that does not rub and has plenty of toe room or leaves toes open. It should have a soft inner sole, but a tough under-sole so thorns, nails and sharp rocks do not injure the foot. Avoid plastic shoes or sandals. NEVER use nails to fasten heels and soles! They may poke through and injure the foot. Better to sew on soles or use glue. Avoid walking long distances continuously and take rest at regular intervals as this will help to protect the feet.

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