How can I take good care of my body if I have been infected with leprosy (Tamil)

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The most important thing is that you engage in regular and effective self-care. This means that you protect your skin from damage and train your hands and feet to move daily.

Also, check your whole body for any changes every day, for example skin patches, loss of feeling, thickened nerves or wounds. If you detect any changes, please contact a health worker.

Also, you should regularly get screened at a health center.

If you have any injuries, take care of them every day.

If you have a loss of feeling, you need to protect yourself from injuries.

How to do all this is explained separately in the following questions.

If you are being treated, make sure to take the medicine regularly as advised by the health worker. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please inform the health worker before starting the treatment, as it may be necessary to adapt the medicines in order to protect your baby! But usually, you can and should take the treatment as it is safe for both, mother and child.

Otherwise, leprosy can return, or leprosy reaction may occur. Signs of a leprosy reaction can be that the skin patches become red or swollen, knots under the skin, fever, feeling sick, inflammations in different parts of the body or greater nerve damage. If you have a leprosy reaction, please directly talk to a health worker.

Also, it is important to pay attention to a good hygiene, for example, washing your hands before eating and after toilet.

If you can strengthen your body's defenses, it will help your body to resist any other infection. For this, you should drink clean water and eat a healthy and varied diet, comprising different types of fruits and vegetables. Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol.

It is important to have good ventilation at home as well.

Wear sunglasses with side shades, and maybe a sun hat to protect your eyes and keep blinking them to keep the eyes wet and clean.

For many patients, a great option is joining a self-care group. Here, you can train together on how to take good care of your body. You can encourage each other in sharing advice on how to do a regular and effective self-care. Also, you can get support in mental and economic issues and can learn about your rights.

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