How can I take good care of my health if I have HIV

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Look for an HIV care and treatment program as soon as you test positive for HIV. There is still no cure for HIV, but medicines can help people with HIV live longer and have fewer health problems.

Take care of medical problems early. See a health worker regularly. When you get sick, make sure to get the treatment you need. Each infection can weaken your immune system more.

Eat nutritious food to keep your body strong. The same foods that are good to eat when you are healthy are good for you when you are sick. Buy nutritious food instead of spending money on vitamin injections.

Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Practice safer sex for your own health and your partner’s.

Try to get enough rest and exercise. This will help your body stay strong to fight infection.

Prevent infection by washing often and by using clean water for drinking and preparing food.

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