How can meeting together with other women help me

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Meeting together with other women can help you:

  • get support: Mental health problems often drain a woman’s energy and make her discouraged. Meeting together can give a woman more energy, which then helps her cope with daily problems.
  • recognize feelings: Sometimes women hide their feelings (or do not even realize they have them) because they think the feelings are bad, dangerous, or shameful. Hearing others talk about feelings can help a woman notice her own.
  • control impulsive reactions: Group members can help a woman think through a problem, so that she will not act on her first impulse, without thinking.
  • understand underlying causes: By talking together, women begin to realize that many of them suffer from the same kinds of problems. This helps them identify root causes of the problem.
  • put forth solutions: Solutions that are discussed in a group are often more easily accepted and used than those that a woman thinks of by herself.
  • develop collective power: Women acting together are more powerful than a woman acting alone.
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