How do I choose on the best family planning method for me

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Here are some questions you may want to consider when choosing the right method for you:

  • How well does it prevent pregnancy (its effectiveness)?
  • How well does it protect against STIs, if at all?
  • How safe is it? If you have any of the health problems mentioned in this chapter, you may need to avoid some types of family planning methods.
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Is your partner willing to use family planning?
  • What are your personal needs and concerns? For example, do you have all the children you want, or are you breastfeeding your baby?
  • How much does the method cost?
  • Is it easy to get? Will you need to visit a health center often?
  • Will the side effects (the problems the method may cause) create difficulties for you?

After reading about these methods, you can get more help with choosing one. It may also help to talk with your partner, other women, or a health worker about different methods.

Only you can decide which family planning method is right for you.

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