How do I pay bills on my phone (Twi)

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Myriam Annette, I am so glad you came when business is slow. Now that you know how to use your mobile money wallet/bank account, let me show you how you can pay your bills.

Annette You will show me how to pay my bill here, but what other bills can I pay with my phone?

Myriam You can pay your electricity bills; you can pay the doctor for your prenatal visits. For instance I paid my daughter Ernestine’s Uni fees with my phone, you will do that too, when your little one goes to school. But for now, you can buy food and supplies in my shop. Let me show you how

Annette This sounds complicated

Myriam It is very easy -- you will learn fast. Let me show you

Annette Ok. I am ready.

Myriam We can try it together now since you are in my shop and you need to buy a few things

Annette Ok -- so first I type in the short code to access my mobile money wallet

Myriam Good - now choose the option that lets you pay your bill and press send

Annette Ok -- yes then it’s asking me the type of bill to pay. It has listed a variety of options such as electricity, water, tv, solar etc

Myriam Choose option for other

Annette Ok I did that and now it’s asking for the merchant ID. What is your shop's merchant ID ?

Myriam It's those six numbers posted on the wall over there.

Annette Ok I have entered it and pressed send also. It is asking for the amount I want to send. My bill is 300 francs so I put in 300 right and press send?

Myriam Exactly, you get it! and they now ask you to put in your PIN, right?

Annette Yes, I have put it in and just received a confirmation that the money has been sent to you.

Myriam Perfect! I just received the notification that you have sent me 300 francs. Thank you.

Annette Now don’t forget to give me my medicine! (Laughing) Thank you for helping me, Myriam! I will pay much more things with my mobile money wallet/bank account now.