How do I protect myself from scams (Kinyarwanda)

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Myriam Good morning, Annette, it’s so good to see you at the market! Did the bus take longer because of this increased traffic? You look worried, is everything OK with your baby?

Annette Oh, yes, the baby is doing well. But, Myriam, I received a strange message on my phone and I don’t know what to do.

Myriam Let me see! give me your phone and I will look at it. “ with as low as 0.01 percent affordability you can access a huge financial assistance today and at your own pace. Send money to or call this number for more information." Oh Annette this sounds like a scam.

Annette Are you sure? I could really use some extra money for my prenatal visits.

Myriam Mmmh, yes but this is not free money. You see it says 0.01 percent and that is the interest rate.

Annette So is this a loan?

Myriam Yes, it is. But I don’t think it is real. They are asking you to send money and the didn't even mention the company's name.

Annette oh -- how can I check the company’s name?

Myriam It would be in the text and also the number it comes from would identify the company. See -- look at the last message you received from your regular mobile money.

Annette I see. But what could the danger be?

Myriam For starters you can lose your money and if you release your personal details, like account numbers, birthdate, and so on, they might try to steal your money. There are some really smart scammers out there who try to fool people.

Annette Oh! These people are like [something funny]! But I receive a lot of those messages every day by SMS and on WhatsApp. How can I manage?

Myriam You have to read every message carefully and not accept any money you are not sure of. And if you are not sure, call your telco before doing anything. Little sister, you can always ask me.

Annette Thank you for your help, Myriam.

Myriam You are welcome!

Narrator Question for discussion: How do you determine if it is safe to send money to someone through your phone?