How do I send or receive money on my phone (Ga)

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Myriam Good morning, Ladies! How are you today?

Annette Good morning, Myriam -- we are well, thank you. And you?

Myriam Very well, thank you. What brings you to the courtyard this morning?

Josephine Well, Myriam, we need your help. My sister lives in Gitega and she is in dire need of money. At the group meeting the other day, somebody said it was possible to send money to family members and friends. But I was afraid to raise my hand and ask how to do that.

Myriam I thought your sister was rich? With her big farm in Gitega?

Josephine She was, but that husband of hers took all her money and ran away with a younger woman. Eh, I told her many times he was no good, but what can you do? I say good riddance!

Myriam Eh, Josephine, this is terrible, we’ll help your sister. Come, I will show you. How about you, Annette? How can I help you?

Annette My husband said he sent me money for buying food, but I can’t find it.

Myriam Let’s sit down. First, let’s start with Josephine. So you start by putting in the short code, then you choose the option for sending money; here it is. Then you select whether the number you want to send to is on the same network, enter the number - in this case your sister's number. After that, you put the amount of money you want to send. Then you input your PIN number to finalise the process.

Josephine Oh. It is very easy. I just sent her 30,000 francs

Myriam Well done, Josephine! Annette, I am going to send you 5 francs so you will know what to look for. I put in your number, then 5 francs and my PIN. Look at your phone -- is it there yet?

Annette Oh yes! I see the 5 francs you sent, but not the money my husband sent me.

Myriam You must have deleted it. By mistake, maybe. Let’s look in your delete messages to see if you can find it.

Annette How do I do that?

Myriam So Annette, you enter the short code, then choose the option of "my account" from the menu. Then go to My Transactions and you will be able to receive an SMS with the last 4 transactions made on your account. ...(Annette receives message)...see there is the money your husband sent you. Good, very soon the two of you will be teaching other sisters how to use mobile money.

Narrator Question for discussion: What information do you need to send mobile money to someone?