How do I set up a mobile money account (Ewe)

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Annette Hello, my sister, are you there?

Josephine Yes, I am ! How are you Annette? Oh that baby is growing! You are sure you are not having twins?

Annette Oh, I hope not! It would be so much work! How are you today? I saw you giggling just now. What were you up to? Not making fun of my belly I hope?

Josephine I'm well, thank you. I was laughing because I got sorted remotely with something and was impressed. Do you care to know?

Annette Yes of course!

Josephine My older bro in the city communicated he is going to send us money to help us as we are struggling a bit to sell our harvest. He asked me if I had a mobile money account to receive funds more easily. My daughter assisted me in learning how to register for mobile money without having to go to the agent.

Annette Wow, that’s amazing. Did you manage to receive the money through mobile money?

Josephine Absolutely. I had just finished a phone conversation with my brother and was thrilled when you guys saw me, that’s why I was laughing

Annette Oh Josephine, I really want to have a mobile money account like you. Will you show me how to do it? I have my phone here with me.

Josephine First, you have to choose a mobile phone company and I will teach you how to learn their mobile money service.

Annette Why does it matter?

Josephine It matters because they all have a different mobile money system. But you are lucky: you have the same mobile network as me, so I can help you set up your mobile money account.

Annette Aye! I am lucky indeed!

Josephine First you have to enter the short code for the mobile money service

Annette What is “short code”?

Josephine Eh! It’s the code you type or dial in to get to the service. It is called short because it only has 3 digits, so it is easy to remember. It will take you to the menu you can use to register. You should memorize it!

Annette Ah, I see now the Option to register.

Josephine Yes, go ahead and select it!

Annette OK - then I need to enter my first name followed by my surname -- now I wish I married a man with a shorter surname!

Josephine Eh, you are going fast!

Annette Yes, it’s very easy. Now they ask for a location. What does it mean?

Josephine It means where you live, so enter our town's name.

Annette All right, so I have entered the town name, and now they want to know my Date of Birth. Ok I am typing it in, but not showing to you - I don’t want you to know how old I am ! And now they ask for ID. Ohh it’s a lot of questions!

Josephine Yes, it is, but you are doing fine! What type of ID do you have with you?

Annette I have my national ID card, is it OK?

Josephine Yes, it is allowed - select national ID and then you can enter the ID number.

Annette Ok, my national ID number is in! Oh Josephine I have just received an SMS confirming my account has been fully registered!

Josephine That's great, now it should ask you to pick four numbers to create a secret PIN ? Pick a number that you can remember easily, but that only you can know.

Annette Yes, it just did. I will create the PIN now.

Josephine Perfect, you should never tell anyone your PIN number, it is your secret, it is like a key that keeps your money safe. You will need it every time you make a deposit or take money out.

Annette Oh Josephine I have just received an SMS confirming my account has been fully registered!

Josephine Well done, Annette! Now don’t spend all your money (chuckling) !!

Narrator Question for discussion: What benefits do you get from your mobile money account?