How do I use a diaphragm

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1. If you have spermicide, squeeze it into the center. Then spread a little bit around the edge with your finger.

2. Squeeze the diaphragm in half.

3. Open the lips of your vagina with your other hand. Push the diaphragm into your vagina. It works best if you push it toward your back.

4. Check the position of your diaphragm by putting one of your fingers inside your vagina and feeling for your cervix through the rubber of the diaphragm. The cervix feels firm, like the end of your nose. The diaphragm must cover your cervix.

5. If the diaphragm is in the right place, you will not be able to feel it inside you.

6. Leave the diaphragm in place for at least 6 hours after sex.

You can leave the diaphragm in for up to 24 hours. It is OK to use the diaphragm during monthly bleeding, but you will need to remove it and clean it as often as you would change a cloth or pad.

To remove the diaphragm:

Put your finger inside your vagina. Reach behind the front rim of the diaphragm and pull it down and out. Sometimes it helps to push your muscles downwards as if you were defecating. Wash your diaphragm with soap and water, and dry it. Check the diaphragm for holes by holding it up to the light. If there is even a tiny hole, get a new one. Store the diaphragm in a clean, dry place.

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