How much does it cost to transfer money (Luganda)

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Josephine Why do you keep a worried face all day Annette?

Annette Hmm… Thanks for showing me how to transfer funds through mobile money. I did a transfer of 30,000 francs to my mother in the village but realized my balance is not accurate  

Josephine Are you surprised?

Annette I am. I had 60,000 francs before initiating the transfer, only to be left with 29,875 francs instead of 30,000 francs afterward,  my friend.

Josephine My bad Annette. Sorry I forgot to tell you that mobile money transfer attracts fees

Annette Like seriously?

Josephine Yes, it does.  The fees are used by service providers to cover costs including agent commissions and platform maintenance. And of course, every business ought to make a profit.

Annette Great, sounds okay by me. How do I get to know the fees when doing a transfer?

Josephine Oh, it’s simple. Where is your phone so we walk through the process together

Annette Ha-ha, my best teacher ever, Josephine! Same short code, right? 

Josephine  Yes, type it in to access your mobile money/bank account and start the menu and follow through the steps as I taught you the last time

Annette Nice. I’ve typed the short code, and I’ve selected Transfer Money option from the Menu.

Josephine That’s it. Proceed to the next step by selecting the recipient.

Annette Got it. Since you are using the same service as me, I just selected mobile money user, entered your phone number.

Josephine Go ahead with the next step.

Annette  Ok and now I can enter the amount which is 1,000 francs. Done. This is an easy one. 

Josephine Awesome. Here it is critical. So watch on. Did you see any message on your screen?

Annette Wow. Yes, of course, it reads “Send 1,000 francs to Josephine. A fee for 10 francs applies. Confirm with PIN.”

Josephine If this is what you want to do, go ahead and put your PIN.

Annette Eh, why would I send you money?

Josephine Good reflex, Annette! So press cancel. Now I wanted to show you about the fee. You saw the message says that for every amount you send, a fee applies. This is why your balance is a bit less after you sent money to your mother. The more money you send, the higher the charge. Do you get it?

Narrator Question for discussion: What activities come with a fee on your mobile money account?