What are my rights under mobile money terms and conditions (Dagbani)

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Myriam Josephine! Josephine?

Josephine Yes, yes Myriam, what is it?

Myriam You look so worried, what is the matter!

Josephine Ugh Myriam, you won't believe the day I have had. I lost my sim card! I was switching out sim cards to make a call as I had no airtime on the other, and I could not find it!

Myriam Oh dear, was it the sim card with your mobile money wallet on it?

Josephine Yes, and I had just received a large payment for a vegetable sale. What if I can not get the money back!

Myriam I understand your worry, but mobile money services have something called terms and conditions in place that I think will help you.

Josephine Terms and conditions? What are those?

Myriam Terms and conditions are rules that we are actually all bound to when we use our mobile wallets. Most times you never even know they exist until something bad happens, but when we apply for a mobile money service we automatically agree to follow these rules.

Josephine So how can these rules help me?

Myriam First, have you reported your lost sim card to the mobile money service yet?

Josephine No, I haven't.

Myriam Well that is the first thing you will need to do. Contact their customer service and let them know about the lost SIM. They will disable the sim so it cannot be used. Here, you can use my phone.

Josephine Oh that is a relief, but what happens to my money?

Myriam Your money will be safe, you just have to go to an agent or MNO service center to get a new sim using the same ID and information you used to sign up for your orignal SIM. They will issue you a new SIM with the same phone number and your mobile money balance will still be there.

Josephine Oh thank goodness, I will do that right away. So all of this is in the terms and conditions? Where do I find those?

Myriam They are usually on the service provider's website. The easiest way to access them is through the internet. I usually just search for "terms and conditions" and the name of the mobile money provider and they usually pop up. They have other important rules that you should know about. Like who you should contact if you have any issues or complaints.

Josephine This has gotten me thinking so much about what rules exist.

Myriam It's all there; even what happens to a loved one's mobile wallet in the event of their death.

Josephine Oh that is dark, I don't want to think about that... but now I am curious what does happen.

Myriam It depends on the mobile money provider, but typically you have to prove you are a next of kin, usually through a legal document issued by a court. You can also put a next of kin on your mobile money application as well.

Josephine Wow, these terms and conditions think of everything.

Myriam Yes, they are usually pretty long, but it is useful to know the rules that you are expected to play by when you sign up for mobile money.