What options do I have to get psychological support (Tamil)

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To find out, what type of psycho-social support you need, you will need to consult a psychologist first. If you are unsure where to find a psychologist, please talk to a health worker and find out how you can get psychological support in your community.

There may be an option to join a self-help group.

For many people, this has proved to be a very good option as they can share their feelings, thoughts and experiences with others who are or have been in the same situation. You can get advice. Also, you can share your experience and give advice to other people. This way, you can empower each other.

Also, you can learn about your individual rights in your country. You can learn how to make your own decisions and take control of your life. You can ask for support in handling economic issues.

Besides mental and advocacy issues, you can also get support for self-care such as training or enrollment in rehabilitation programs.

If you have a feeling that your family needs support as well, there may be a family psychosocial support. For example, if a family member supports you in self-care activities, there may be trainings for them, too. They can learn about preventive measures and how to support you in administrative tasks.

Another option may be individual counselling therapies. Here, you can talk to a mental health worker or professional about your feelings, thoughts and experiences. She or he is there to support you in accepting and understanding your feelings. She or he is there to help you in dealing with different situations and improving your mental wellbeing.

Other options to get support may be from people’s organizations, government services or online or social media support. Ask for available options in your community. There may also be the option to get medication as an additional support. Please talk to a health worker if you feel the need. If you have a special or severe mental health issue or if it is an emergency, please directly talk to a health worker and ask to be referred to a specialist.

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