Where should I save (Hausa)

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Myriam Josephine, are you ready? We need to go to our savings group meeting!

Josephine Oh, Myriam, I cannot come with you today. One of my children is sick and I have to stay at home.

Myriam I see -- not to worry, dear Josephine, just give me your money and I will bring it to the group so you don't miss a week of savings.

Josephine No need! I have already saved!

Myriam Hey? How?

Josephine Well remember that our group now uses mobile money to save? So I sent my share earlier this morning and already received a text message confirming it. It is so simple and convenient.

Myriam Yes it is -- but don't make it a habit of not coming, we like seeing you at the group meeting. You inspire others with your ideas! And remember, the group is not just about money, it is also about keeping each other on track with our savings goals!

Josephine I promise I will come next week.

Myriam But, didn't you tell me you also put money in your savings account at the bank too?

Josephine You never miss a thing! Yes ! I do that too.

Myriam But going to the bank, waiting in line, the long queue... it's much easier to save with the group or at home!

Josephine Myriam, I do like you do: I make my deposit in my savings account at the bank using my phone: this girl is not queueuing up at the bank! I have better things to do!

Myriam But there is a fee!

Josephine Yes, there is a fee. But to go to the bank, I need to take a moto-taxi, stand in line for an hour and take a moto-taxi back. It takes me more than an hour and a half. During that time I don't sell anything. So I prefer paying a small fee and having an hour and a half to sell more vegetables at the market.

Myriam I agree with you, Josephine. You know you can also work with an agent -- they can do a cash in for you, when it is cash you want to put in your savings account. This transaction, called a cash-in, is always free!

Josephine Oh -- that I did not know, Myriam! So I now have multiple, very convenient ways of saving.

Myriam Maybe you can see an agent at the market, this way you can save where you make money! Since you have no time to waste!

Josephine Aahah, Myriam! You are making fun of me! But you will see! I will start using different ways to save soon!

Myriam Good, but don't forget to come to the savings group meeting! We like having you with us and now you can share your knowledge with other members!