Why is it important to ask for psychosocial support if I am affected by a mental health condition (Marathi)

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If you are affected by a mental health condition don’t be afraid. It is not true that you are crazy. And you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide are experiencing the same and there are many ways in which you can get support. But for this you need to ask for psychosocial support.

It is very important that you get support, because handling such issues alone can be very distressing. If untreated, mental health conditions can hinder your participation in social life, concentration in school or at work. Sometimes, it can lead to self-harming behavior.

Also, mental health conditions make it even more difficult to care about your body. But a daily effective self-care routine is very important after a leprosy infection as it protects your body from further damage and impairments. If you can’t care about your body, you risk getting a disability.

In several communities, there are still many false beliefs about disabilities as well.

That’s why a disability may make you feel rejected. You may experience exclusion and you may feel isolated, shame or despair and it can lead to further mental health conditions.

To protect yourself from all this, it is important that you ask for support!

With the right support, many people have recovered from mental health conditions.

You can regain psychological strength, and this will give you more power to deal with the disease and other issues.

To find out, what type of psycho-social support you need, you will need to consult a psychologist first. If you are unsure where to find a psychologist, please talk to a health worker and find out about all the options you have to get support.

There may be many different options, for example joining a self-help group. Here you can also learn about your rights, and how to make use of them. You can learn how to make your own decisions and take control about your life the way you want it. And you can get support in handling economic issues. But there may also be other options, like individual support.

  • German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association - www.dahw.de