Aalem for Orphan and Vulnerable Children

Our programmes build capacities of child counsellors, promote collaboration between government departments, mobilise communities and catalyse the development of child protection policies within institutions.

Aalem for Orphan and Vulnerable Children is a member of the Audiopedia NGO Network

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About Aalem for Orphan and Vulnerable Children

To translate the line of marginalized Liberian especially the ones who have lost the dear ones and have no one to take care of them. And to achieve maximum productivity, service excellent and achieving the most professional results for our donors and those in need, primary for the sake and progress of education in Liberia. The organization will diligently pursues this vision and mission in Liberia by providing relief in respect of food to the most starving and hungry; water to the most thirsty, shelter to the most destitute; medical care to the most sick; education to the most needy and moreover, establishing poverty relief developmental project towards ultimate self-sufficiency, and thereby, with the help of God restoring the dignity respect and honor of our fellow brothers and sisters throughout Liberia.

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