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Somos una Organización Social que creemos en la igualdad de oportunidades y promovemos el fortalecimiento del desarrollo local desde un enfoque de derechos.

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The Audiopedia Manifesto

Hundreds of millions of women and girls are denied their right to education, effectively preventing their empowerment.

In fact, the number of illiterate women worldwide has not decreased in the last thirty years.

For the sake of justice, we have to right this wrong.

It is a requirement of fairness to make knowledge accessible to each and every woman, better today than tomorrow. Access to knowledge is a fundamental human right.

Therefore we have to free knowledge from literacy.

For the first time ever we have the technologies to do this. We can turn accessible audio learning into a global driving force for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Knowledge is power, open know­ledge is empowerment. Let’s create a world where open know­ledge empowers every woman, everywhere.


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wants to volunteer 2020-04-15 16:47:07 +0200

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