Revitalizing indigenous textile tradition integrating into fashionable outfits which will generate livelihood opportunities in rural areas.

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ARHI is collaboration of individuals belonging to the indigenous tribe, activist working for the cultural-educational socio economic developments of native people. It is a wider platform for all indigenous communities to discuss and reflect upon challenges and problems faced by indigenous communities as well as finding the best means to address those concerns. It is a grassroots organization comprising all small & big indigenous communities.

Vision and Mission:
Being an indigenous led organization the prime objective is to overall development of the indigenous people .The issues of cultural identity,indigeneous language and literature and other socio-economic problem are the core areas where ARHI is working.ARHI forms a wing called Folk Culture Research Centre of North East India to address cultural concerns of Indigenous people.

FCRC has dedicated it members form the North-Eastern part of India persevering to preserve the undocumented and un-archived cultures of different small and big communities settled in this virgin land. In all the researches done by the Centre, it was very encouraging to witness the un-polluted cultural symbols of life-style, songs, rituals at all.

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