The Solar-Powered Audiopedia Player

Solar-powered Audiopedia Player

How can you efficiently provide vital information to rural areas that have no electricity but a high rate of illiteracy? Our answer is: with a rugged, solar powered audio-player. This is why we developed the Audiopedia Player.

The Audiopedia Player contains more than 400 relevant questions and answers about health, nutrition, family planning, child care, work and more. The texts are recorded by a native speaker in the mother tongue of the women addressed. The Audiopedia Player was conceived for small group listening - it therefore fosters discussion, exchange and (self-help) group building. It's a tool for change.

Audiopedia Player facts

We provide the Audiopedia Player free of charge to rural women with the help of local non-government organizations (NGOs), cooperatives and other agencies.

Since 2016 The Audiopedia Player has been used in several pilot projects in East and Central Africa.  It started with a pilot in Tanzania, involving the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. But the device was also used to provide accessible health information to the nomadic Aka hunter-gatherers in the rain forests of Central Africa. Currently the player is being used to support rural mental health self-help groups as part of a long-term project in Rwanda, funded by the German government.Audiopedia-Player projects


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