Chitani Community Sustainable Development Organization (CHICOSUDO)

To have a health and literate Malawi that has reduced epidemics and suffering, where human right is respected and the environment is used sustainably.

Chitani Community Sustainable Development Organization (CHICOSUDO) is a member of the Audiopedia NGO Network

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About Chitani Community Sustainable Development Organization (CHICOSUDO)

CHICOSUDO seeks to enable Malawians to live a productive life by promoting sustainable livelihood programs and strengthening their capacity to effectively participate in issues affecting their lives. In all its undertakings, CHICOSUDO is guided by professionalism in all its activities, love and respect for all people’s regardless of their status, and being transparent in all its functions.

Our task is to promote and make available industrial and supervisory skills to perk up supervision and management at the grass root level for men and women towards poverty alleviation, to work; for alleviating poverty through providing essential livelihoods; for empowering women through skill enlargement; for protecting children from abuses & exploitations through education & granting fundamental rights; making available healthy & vigorous environment for the youth & old-age to the erection of progressive nation; for the ecological preservation, fortification & conservation; for the sensible utilization of natural resources to achieve sustainable & unwavering development with active community participation for the inhabitants.

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