How to prevent death from unsafe abortion

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Women have always tried to find ways to end pregnancy when they are desperate. Stay away from the following methods. They are very dangerous:

Do not put sharp objects like sticks, wire, or plastic tubing into the vagina and womb. These can tear the womb and cause dangerous bleeding and infection.

Do not put herbs or plants in the vagina or womb. These can burn or irritate badly, causing damage, infection, and bleeding.

Do not put substances such as bleach, lye, ashes, soap, or kerosene in the vagina or womb. Also, do not drink them.

Do not take medicines or traditional remedies in large amounts to cause abortion (either by mouth or in the vagina). For example, taking too much of the medicines for malaria (chloroquine) or to stop bleeding after childbirth (ergometrine, oxytocin) can kill you before they cause abortion.

Do not hit your abdomen or throw yourself down stairs. This can cause injury and bleeding inside your body, but may not cause abortion.

IMPORTANT: Never put anything inside the womb yourself or allow an untrained person to do so. This can kill you.

Avoid unsafe abortion. Try to prevent unwanted pregnancy before it happens.

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