What can cause infertility in a man

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The main causes of infertility in a man are:

1. He does not produce enough sperm. Or his sperm cannot swim to the woman’s tubes or to fertilize the eggs.

2. He had mumps after puberty that harmed his testicles. He may still come (ejaculate), but the semen has no sperm in it.

3. His sperm cannot leave his penis because he has scars in his tubes from a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

4. He has a swelling of the veins in his scrotum (varicocele).

5. Problems during sex because:

  • his penis does not get hard.
  • his penis gets hard but does not stay hard during sex.
  • he comes too quickly, before his penis is deep in the woman’s vagina.

6. Illnesses such as diabetes, tuberculosis, and malaria.

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