Which women should avoid any kind of hormonal method

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Women who have breast cancer, or a hard lump in the breast. Hormonal methods do not cause cancer. But if a woman already has breast cancer, these methods can make it worse.

Women who might be pregnant or whose monthly bleeding is late.

Women who have abnormal bleeding from the vagina during the 3 months before starting hormonal methods. They should see a health worker to find out if there is a serious problem.

Some hormonal methods are harmful for women with other health problems. Be sure to check each method to see if it is safe for you. If you have any of the health problems mentioned and still wish to use a method, talk to a health worker who has been trained in hormonal methods of family planning.

Some medicines for seizures (“fits”), for tuberculosis (TB), or for HIV make hormonal methods less effective. A woman taking these medicines should use another family planning method or combine it with a second method such as a condom or a diaphragm.

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