How to use a condom for men

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1. If the man is not circumcised, pull the foreskin back. Squeeze the tip of the condom and put it on the end of the hard penis.

2. Keep squeezing the tip while unrolling the condom, until it covers all of the penis. The loose part at the end will hold the man’s sperm. If you do not leave space for the sperm when it comes out, the condom is more likely to break.

3. After the man ejaculates, he should hold on to the rim of the condom and withdraw from the vagina while his penis is still hard.

4. Take off the condom. Do not let sperm spill or leak.

5. Tie the condom shut and dispose of it away from children and animals.

Lubricants make the vagina or the condom wet and slippery. They help keep condoms from breaking and can make sex safer and more enjoyable. Lubricants should be water based, such as spit (saliva), or K-Y Jelly. Rub the lubricant on the sides of the condom after it is on the hard penis. A drop of lubricant inside the tip of a condom can also make it feel better for the man. Do not use cooking oils, baby oil, mineral oil, petroleum gel, skin lotion, or butter. They can make the condom break easily.

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