Make Audiopedia contents available on SoundCloud

We are thinking about publishing all Audiopedia contents on SoundCloud to increase our reach. SoundCloud's key features include the ability to access uploaded files via unique URLs, thus allowing sound files to be embedded and shared on social networks. It also lets people comment on tracks, which will be great to get additional feedback.

We did a few tests and the think that it's worth it. SoundCloud could be an addition to our own Cloud and the Audiopedia App. You can find our profile on Soundcloud at 

Now we just need to get a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription and get things going ...

Official response from started

We signed up for a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription. Now we just need to upload our audios files, name them correspondingly and create playlists. Below you can see an example of one of our Audiopedia tracks embedded using SoundCloud.

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