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Munkhjargal is helping to break down the biggest barrier to empowering any woman, anywhere. 9641 volunteers like Munkhjargal are supporting our cause by creating awareness, translating content, making a donation and much more. Together, we have started the next knowledge revolution. Now it's your turn!

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wants to volunteer 2020-03-26 02:08:50 +0100

Essential Knowledge. For all Women, Everywhere.

Hundreds of millions of women and girls are denied their right to education, effectively preventing their empowerment. In fact, the number of illiterate women worldwide has not decreased in the last thirty years.

Audiopedia was created to overcome this. Audiopedia is a free and open resource of localized expert audio contents tailored to the needs of rural women. And it's easily accessible using solar-powered audio players or mobile phones.

But we need your help to make this happen!

Please join us in our effort to empower every woman, everywhere. You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for your efforts. 

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