New Hope Waves

New Hope Waves was initiated to create hope and the future in the lives of young people and their families around the communities in Zambia.

New Hope Waves is a member of the Audiopedia NGO Network

About the Network

About New Hope Waves

Objectives and Functions

To recruit, transform, educate and empower children, young people and their wider families with socio-economical skills.

To empower children, young people and the wider families to get involved in efforts to address socio-economic, environmental and developmental issues that are affected them such as poverty, unemployment, poor food security and poor environmental management.

To prevent the spread of HIV in the communities, support and care for people living and affected by HIV (children, young people and their wider families).

To engage the children and young people both males and females in Sport & recreational activities and providing life skills trainings in behaviour shaping character and talent development.

To uphold the right of all, without discrimination basis on race, creed, religion and other social factors.

To promote gender equity among children, young people, families and community for inclusive development.

To provide to young people with friendly community counselling and medical services to urban and with more emphasis on the children and young people

To provide technological training and opportunities that will better lives through ICT.

To organize training workshops, international volunteer opportunities, seminars, study tours, sporting and recreational activities and other related opportunities to provide information, education and communication activities in our holistic approach on social, economic, health and environmental issues with other organizations.

To build a COMMUNITY CENTRE for young people from all kinds of background in order to create a multipurpose “safe space” for the community and empower children and young people by giving them opportunities to have access to various programs (such as ICT, vocational trainings and career advice, business workshops, etc.) and activities (game area, sports, literacy, arts, etc.) that will be run by NHW with the help of local social workers and international volunteers.

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