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Together we can make this world a better place for women of all walks of life.

Hi . This is Tanisha . I am from Bangladesh, a southeast Asian country . I was born and raised in Bangladesh . Currently I am living in the United States Of America with my family .

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Tanisha is helping to break down the biggest barrier to empowering any woman, anywhere.

Tanisha has earned 38SDC (Sustainable Development Credits). Sustainable Development Credits can be earned by supporting the Audiopedia project through several activities.

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Audiopedia is a great initiative launched to promote women empowerment. As a women , it is my duty and responsibility to help others womens . My home country is a densely populated and financially disadvantaged country where the society is male dominated . Women's often doesn't get chance to receive higher education because of poverty and social barriers . Superstition, gender inequality and ignorance has made the female population lag behind socially , politically and economically . I always wanted to work for the organisations who supports womens and fight for their rights . I found about Audiopedia and it's amazing plans for women empowerment . Now I am proudly a part Audiopedia family .

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Essential Knowledge. For all Women, Everywhere.

Hundreds of millions of women and girls are denied their right to education, effectively preventing their empowerment.

For the sake of justice, we have to right this wrong. It is a requirement of fairness to make knowledge and information accessible to each and every woman, better today than tomorrow.

Access to knowledge is a fundamental human right. And we have the solutions to make it happen.


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Access to knowledge and information is a basic human right. It is intrinsically linked to the realization of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls.

We demand immediate and free access to knowledge and information for all women. Solutions to make this possible already exist.

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Empower Women, Save the World.

Our future is at stake. Because men hold power while women are largely excluded from it. Hundreds of millions of women and girls are denied their right to education, effectively preventing their empowerment. Audiopedia was created to right this wrong.

Audiopedia is a free and open resource of audible knowledge tailored to the needs of illiterate rural women. And it's accessible virtually everywhere using solar-powered audio players, mobile apps and WhatsApp.  

Women are the key to sustainable development. That affects all of us. For this reason, Audiopedia was conceived as a global crowdimpact project. Everyone can be part of it. Are you in?

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