Tusaidiane Disabilities Resources and Charity Organization of Tanzania (TDRCT)

TDRCT foundation is based on the understanding that persons with disabilities have to enjoy their human rights, have to be included and fully participate in development policies and programs.

Tusaidiane Disabilities Resources and Charity Organization of Tanzania (TDRCT) is a member of the Audiopedia NGO Network

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About Tusaidiane Disabilities Resources and Charity Organization of Tanzania (TDRCT)

We seek to address disability and gender issues by collaborating with different partners inside and outside our country, involving people with disabilities in livelihood opportunities, educating Parents of children with disabilities, female with disabilities and the general community about the human rights of persons with disabilities as well as using media as our avenue of promoting the voice of the voiceless inside an outside of our boundaries in Tanzania.

Through the work done with our organization, We aspire to see citizens of Tanzania particularly women who take care of their disabled children to replace their negative attitudes about disability. Moreover, we like to see men are abandon their bad ideas which triggers the violation of women rights and disability rights by entertain behaviors which stigmatize women who had children with disabilities.

We would like to see the government imposes laws to protect women who have children with disabilities should not be discriminated in the society, experience shows that sometimes women have children with disabilities tend to have met the challenge of being given divorce We would like to see the well-being of parents with children with disabilities is enhanced this will help any parent that genetically happens had given birth to a disabled child to not to worry that because she bears a disabled child she should not feel ashamed before the community but have to be given knowledge that her child is like the others children in the community.

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