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Eradicate poverty through empowering communities and individuals to self-sufficiency

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UFA Liberia, an apex of farmers and farmers’ organisations, was established on 24 August 2012 and was duly incorporated under the business law of Liberia as a non-governmental organisation on 11 March 2014.

UFA Liberia compromises of experienced farmers who, prior to becoming members of UFA, had their individual farms and were producing consumable food items for a minute proportion of Liberia’s population. These farmers own vast farming land and have allotted huge portion to UFA for agricultural programmes.

Promote and ensure that Liberia is FOOD SECURED through building CORPORATE CONCEPT amongst farmers to move from the mindset of subsistence (hand to mouth) farming to establish and run corporate, mechanised and commercial farms thereby enhancing self-reliance and building sustainable livelihood amongst the farmers in Liberia.

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