United Action for Children (UAC)

Our Mission: To develop a caring and sustaining environment for children and young people through innovative programs.

United Action for Children (UAC) is a member of the Audiopedia NGO Network

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About United Action for Children (UAC)

We are currently working in Cameroon and would like to partner with your organization within the framework of our activities in order to draw inspiration from your wonderful activities and be guided/mentored. United Action for Children(UAC) was founded in 1996 and registered in 1998 under the Cameroon’s 1990 law on Associations (registration No. 557/G37/014/1/VO4/T/T/OAPP of 3rd August 1998) as a non-profit community based organisation and member of Streetfootballworld Network. Its the Host to the FIFA Football for Hope Centre in Cameroon, also Host to the ProjectWet in Cameroon and engaged in Grooming Little Minds for a Big Future. The overall goal of UAC is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of key affected populations (Deprived People) such as orphans, street children, youth and young girls drug users, teenagers, women, sex workers…as well as in rural and urban areas. We achieve this through three main program areas: agriculture, education, health, sewing, sports and economic empowerment.

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