How can I prevent health problems from sitting or standing for a long time

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Take short, fast walks during your break. Also try to walk around the room or at least stretch every hour.

If possible, wear socks or hose with support. They should go above the knee.

Do each of the exercises described below whenever you feel stiffness or pain, or slump forward. Repeat them 2 or 3 times, taking slow, deep breaths:

  • Roll your head slowly in a full circle.
  • Move your shoulders up and down, roll them forward and backward,and pull your shoulder blades together behind your back.
  • With your back straight, turn from the hip to face the side. You should feel relief in the upper and lower back.

If you sit at work:

  • Use a chair with a straight back—with your head, neck, and shoulders straight. If it feels better, put some rolled cloth or pillows behind you to support your lower back.
  • If necessary, adjust the height of your chair or table to allow you to work in a better position. You can try sitting on a pillow, or putting a desk or table up on blocks.
  • Do not cross your legs at the knees.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing.

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