How can work with chemicals damage my health

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Many women have contact with dangerous chemicals, often without knowing it. This is because many modern products used in daily life and at work contain hidden chemicals.

Some of them can be very harmful, such as:

  • pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, and animal dips.
  • paints, paint thinners, paint remover and solvents.
  • fuels and pottery glazes with lead in them.
  • cleaning products containing bleach and lye.
  • hair dressing and beauty products.

Some chemicals cause harm to your body right away, even if you do not feel sick. Others cause harm that shows up later on, even after you have stopped using the chemicals. Some damage lasts only a short time. Other damage is permanent, e.g.:

  • headaches , dizziness
  • sneezing, coughing,
  • eye irritation
  • tooth decay , blue gum
  • problems of chest and lungs
  • liver problems
  • bladder and kidney problems
  • skin problems
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